5 Ways to Prevent Microplastics From Killing Your CELLS!

5 Ways to Prevent Microplastics From Killing Your CELLS!

What are the odds that you find tiny plastic particles in your BLOOD right now?

It might be higher than you think.

This Dutch study conducted a blood test of 22 healthy volunteers in the Netherlands and found fine plastic particles in 17 people.

That's a staggering 77 percent.

​Most of the microplastics detected were raw materials for bottled water/beverages, but some blood samples contained more than three different types of plastic.

You might be thinking, 'So what? How bad is it that I may have a minuscule amount of non-decomposable material swimming in my body?'

According to a German study, microplastic particles destabilize each cell membrane, leading to cell death.

That's a pretty serious damage.

It is predicted that when microplastic particles reach each organ through the blood, the risk of immune system damage, chronic inflammation, and disease increases

...but nothing has been proven yet.

The truth is, however, we're exposed too easily to microplastics through:

  • air
  • water
  • food
  • household goods (e.g. cosmetic, bath products)
  • medical supplies
  • tattoo ink
  • and many more.

As more people become aware of this, we get asked how to eliminate the plastic particles potentially hiding inside us.

Unfortunately, there is no precise way to remove microplastics at this time.

Before you start panicking, however, the following methods can prevent microplastics from accumulating in the body:

1. Do not microwave or heat food covered with plastic

2. Refrain from using plastic containers (disposable cups, beverage bottles, tableware, household goods)

3. Check for plastic in cleansing products, laundry products, and personal care products

4. Avoid fabrics made of plastic

5. Regular detoxification with the following nutraceuticals:

- Combination of Liver Detox Support and Super Antioxidant Formula

  • Liver Detox Support activates the liver to carry out its detox function, while Super Antioxidant Formula strongly inhibits free radicals that cause chronic inflammation, aging, and degenerative diseases

- Holistic herbal detox: Ultra Cleansing AM/PM 30 Day Kit

- N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine for immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular health, as well as antioxidative, detoxing, and phlegm-removal effects

The products mentioned above are premium nutritional supplements used by healthcare professionals.

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