The Next Generation of "Multivitamins"

The Next Generation of "Multivitamins"

Let's get this straight.

Both men and women of all ages should take comprehensive nutraceutical, not a “multivitamin.”

Multivitamins and comprehensive nutritional supplements are two different concepts.

Multivitamins contain only vitamins and minerals at best.

Sadly, many folks mistakenly think those are all the nutrients that they need

... until I show them the ingredient list from a comprehensive nutritional supplement.

Comprehensive nutraceutical contains fruits, vegetable, herbs, digestive enzymes, beneficial bacteria, fiber, amino acids, proteins, and omega-3s.

There are so many nutrients we depend on for thriving in this busy modern world, but how much of them do you realistically get to eat each day?

Especially when it’s way too convenient for you to get a Starbucks croissant for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch, and UberEats for dinner

... protect your health with simple, efficient, and comprehensive nutritional supplements.

It is the basis of ALL supplements.

As an example, I will introduce Comprehensive Health Rx:

Comprehensive Health Rx is a nutritional powder that can be added to water or beverage, sprinkled on food, or mixed with yogurt.

It can be eaten as a substitute for meals or snacks, so it is also used for fat loss.

Comprehensive Health Rx is literally a total package, containing all 13 vitamins, 12 minerals, 33 fruit and vegetable ingredients, 5 plant proteins, beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes, and fiber/prebiotics needed per day.

Not only does it provide balanced nutrition, it also boosts energy, improves chronic fatigue, strengthens muscles, and helps cardiovascular health.

Rich in vitamins and minerals is a given.

The highly anti-oxidative, plant-based blend takes your cellular metabolism to the next level.

In particular, organic chlorella obtained from algae supports liver detoxification, immune health, and even your DNA/RNA.

Let's go over the five plant proteins: peas, chia seeds, brown rice, flaxseed oil, and chlorella.

Organic black chia seeds contain protein, fiber, antioxidants, essential minerals, and vitamin B, while yellow pea protein shows excellent amino acid and mineral content.

Organic pulverized golden flaxseed oil has a high fiber content and contains omega 3.

In addition, non-GMO germinated brown rice contains amino acids similar to breast milk, so it's a great alternative if you are allergic to dairy products.

Quality vegetable protein can contribute to muscular development and healthy blood sugar and lipid levels.

Finally, Comprehensive Health Rx contains inulin, prebiotics, lactobacillus, and fiber blends, as well as protease and hemicellurase, which are digestive enzymes that help absorb nutrients.

All of these nutrients... in just a single scoop.

This family-friendly product has no known side effects.

The product mentioned above is premium nutritional supplements used by healthcare professionals. Click on the underlined text to get more info about Comprehensive Health Rx!

If you would like to receive a personalized recommendation on the best nutraceuticals for your health, click here to request a free consultation with one of our holistic doctors!



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