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Complete Bone Care

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Complete Bone Care 120 Tablets

Protect your bones from osteoporosis, osteopenia, fractures, and more due to menopause/old age!


• Complete Bone Care helps you to maintain strong bones and healthy teeth by increasing bone mineralization and density. In addition, strong bones strengthen the connective tissue and skeletal muscle. 

• Bone health depends on the type and proportion of nutrients that make up the bone matrix. Complete Bone Care uses excellent trademarked ingredients to maximize bio-availability.  



1. Calcium

• Calcium is important not only for bone health but also for maintaining various physiological active functions in the human body.

DimaCal® Dicalcium Malate is plant-based and has a very high bio-availability. Calcium citrate and calcium malate contribute to increased bone mass, especially in menopausal women.


2. Magnesium

Magnesium is very important for healthy bone mineralization and metabolic functional activity. The absorption of calcium is maximized when magnesium is sufficient.


3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D, a natural cholesterol, is a hormone that, along with magnesium, helps absorb calcium and maintains a constant level of calcium in the blood. Numerous studies show that low vitamin D levels reduce bone mass.


4. Vitamin K2 (VitaMK7™menaquinone-7)

As the purest form of vitamin K2, it has the highest bioavailability and the longest half-life in the blood. Vitamin K2 is involved in bone metabolism, calcium availability, bone density strength, and bone mass maintenance.

In particular, vitamin K2 promotes bone production by activating osteocalcin and matrix GLA protein (MPG).


5. Mineral complexes

Complete Bone Care contains trademarked zinc, boron, manganese, silica, and phosphoric acid, which helps promote bone production, maintain bone mass, and strengthen bone density.

They also prevent calcium and magnesium excretion and strengthen connective tissue such as collagen.

Suggested Use

Take 4 tablets in divided doses, preferably with meals, as a dietary supplement or as directed by your health practitioner. Store in a cool, dry place.


If you are pregnant, nursing, have a history of kidney stones, or taking any medications, consult your health practitioner before use. Discontinue use and consult your health practitioner if any adverse reactions occur. Use with caution if you take blood thinners. Calcium should be taken separately from certain antibiotics and thyroid medications. Keep out of reach of children. Use only if safety seal is intact.


• The following components are registered as patented ingredients: FruitX-B, DimaCal®, TRAACS®, VitaMK7®


• This product does not contain milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soybeans, trinut, wheat, GMO, or yeast

This product is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease.