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Healthy Inflam & Pain Support

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Healthy Inflam & Pain Support is a must-have for your well-being.

• If you properly manage chronic inflammation and chronic pain, which are the sources of all kinds of diseases, you can expect to improve the quality of life and extend your lifespan.

Healthy Inflam & Pain Support is formulated by our team of integrative medical doctors


1. Safe nutritional ingredients with proven clinical effectiveness to support healthy inflammatory metabolism, reduce oxidative stress, relieve pain and help tissue healing.

2. Supports chronic inflammation and chronic pain management with scientific prescriptions of nutrients that help blood circulation.  

• For reference, in oriental medicine, turmeric (curcumin), Ryuhyang (Boswellia), and corydalis root are known to strongly move the blood and Qi (the energy that invigorates the mind and body) that break through the blockage to reduce pain. 

3. Contributes to long life and well-being by improving "inflammaging," which increases the risk of chronic diseases, disorders, and death. For reference, an inflammatory condition that gradually increases at a low intensity with age is called Inflammaging. If we can prevent it, we can enjoy health and happiness in a with more youth and vigor.

<Western and Oriental Medicine Perspectives on Inflammation and Pain>

You may well know that chronic inflammation increases stress throughout the body, causing various diseases, cancers, and premature deaths. 

When cell damage and tissue damage occur due to an inflammatory response, the brain sends signals to recover the body from pain. 

This process is normal. However, it's a problem when it becomes chronic. 

This means lower pain thresholds and higher pain sensitivity, increasing the frequency and intensity of pain. 

As a result, chronic inflammation and chronic pain reduce health and quality of life.

One of the core principles of oriental medicine is: 통즉불통(通則不痛불통즉통(不通則痛) "Tong-Jwg-Bul-Tong Bul-Tong-Jwg-Tong"

Translation: Good circulation resolves pain; Poor circulation leads to pain

If there is a constant problem with the Qi & blood circulation and causes stagnation, cellular metabolic capacity decreases and various toxins accumulate, resulting in inflammation and pain (痛) symptoms. 

If you actively manage the production and movement of blood with natural nutrients that have been safely used for a long time, 

Cell regeneration, health promotion, and long-term well-being are not far off.

 <Product Features>

• This product acts on the whole body to provide a healthy inflammatory response, function of normal inflammatory agents (cytokinins, prostaglandin), elimination of by-products of inflammatory reactions

• Supports cellular protection and pain relief through healthy blood circulation. 
This process relieves inflammation-related pain and contributes to improving quality of life.

• This formulation has historically been used safely and is scientifically combined with natural herbal ingredients. 

As a result, it improves the function of the immune system by controlling inflammation of the whole body to calm the cells and tissues, and efficiently enhancing the function of immune cells.

• This product adjusts the NF-kB balance and regulates the activity of prostaglandin, 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO), which are inflammation-related substances, and cytokine response. Thus, it can be applied to various systemic inflammations (joint and muscle inflammation, chronic systemic inflammation).

• NF-κB (nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells): A complex protein that regulates DNA transcription, cytokine production, and cell survival. it is present in all animal cells. 

If NF-κB is not properly controlled in the body, it can be linked to various inflammations, autoimmune diseases, viral infections, and cancer. 

There are also studies showing that normal levels of NF-κB positively affect inflammation prevention, improvement, and memory.

• This product promotes AMPK production. AMPK is present in body tissues (especially brain, liver, adipocytes, skeletal muscle), supports energy metabolism, weight control, insulin sensitivity, physical performance, autophagy, healthy aging, hormone production, and reduce inflammation. 

<Ingredient Highlights>

1. Longvida® Curcumin (Longvida Curcumin)

• Curcumin has been proven effective in strong antioxidation, anti-inflammation, pain improvement, metabolic syndrome, joint health, cardiovascular disease, and hyperlipidemia through many papers.

1) It exhibits 95 times higher bioavailability, 65 times higher plasma levels, and a half-life of 7.5 hours compared to standard curcumin.

2) It greatly helps to optimize systemic inflammatory balance, joint health, brain function and mood balance, cell cycle health, cardiovascular function, metabolic syndrome, immune function, decreased pain awareness, digestive function, and sports recovery.

3) In particular, it has antibacterial properties and easily reaches brain tissue, improving Alzheimer's disease and showing remarkable effects on brain health.

• Clinical results

 ++ More than 3,000 studies of curcumin have been conducted extensively over the past 30 years.

Curcumin is involved in the COX enzyme, which is a representative inflammatory agent, their transcription factor, and gene expression. This shows that it is involved in the cell-to-cell signaling process and gene regulation for the normal inflammatory response, eliminates toxins, and is involved in the cell-wide health. In addition, it shows a healthy C-reactive protein level (inflammatory involvement level) and improves the overall quality of life, such as joint health and mobility.

Oriental Medicine) Turmeric strongly invigorates Qi and blood and breaks stagnation in blood vessels to release stagnation. It is especially effective for chest pain, gastrointestinal pain, obstetrics and gynecology pain, swelling and pain caused by damage. It is also helpful for sore or stiff shoulders.

2. Boswellia™

• Often called Ryuhyang, it is a patented substance that has been used for a long time in Eastern medicine and Ayurveda medicine, and it is a resin component obtained from the bark of the tree.

• Boswellia's inflammation and pain relief feature contributes to connective tissue enhancement, cartilage and joint health (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis), and inflammatory bowel disease: It has long been used for asthma, arthritis, colitis (inflammatory colon), systemic inflammation, humoral cerebral edema (cerebral edema), and skin damage caused by radiation therapy.

• Boswellia's active terpenoid component, Boswellic acid, is involved in 5-lipoxygenase and leukotriene metabolism to suppress inflammation.

• It stabilizes the mast cell and reduces the key mediators involved in the arachidonic acid pathway to regulate the inflammatory response.

• It contains AKBA, a natural ingredient that reduces LOX-5 and COX-2. 

• Boswellia maintains leukocyte elastase enzyme activity and may be useful for treating certain cancers, such as leukemia and breast cancer, according to a study.

• According to a 2020 study involving 545 people, Boswellia was an effective and safe treatment for osteoarthritis (OA), alleviating pain and stiffness.

Oriental Medicine) Ryuhyang strongly invigorates Qi and blood and reduces pain. It is especially effective for swelling, bruising, menstrual pain, and stomach pain. It also relieves muscle-related pain, muscle spasms, and stiffness, 

It helps chronic wound recovery and promotes skin regeneration.

3. Corydalis Rhizome Yan Hu Suo 

• In oriental medicine, corydalis roots are effective in relieving pain, balance of the nervous system, anticancer effects, and energy improvement, and are effectively used clinically for general pain such as headaches, menstrual pain, and back pain.

• Contains 160 kinds of alkaloids, organic acids, volatile oils, amino acids, alcohols and sugars, and about 80 kinds of alkaloids are the main active ingredients.

• Among them, THP blocks the dopamine receptor site in the brain, helping to relax and calm down, and it is also used to treat addiction. It also protects the heart from coronary heart disease, abnormal heart rhythm, and heart attacks.

• According to the results of the study, corydalis roots reduced chronic and persistent pain and depression.

• Helps reduce the wounds of peptic ulcers and is also used to protect the liver, suppress thyroid function, constipation, indigestion, acid reflux, and headaches.

Oriental Medicine: Corydalis roots are powerful Qi-blood circulation agent that relieves Qi-blood congestion and has a strong analgesic effect. It is widely used for general pain such as the digestive system and nervous system, as well as muscle pain and joint pain.

4. MetaMag® Magnesium

• Studies have shown that magnesium deficiency increases oxidative stress levels and increases inflammation and pain by increasing inflammatory markers (CRP, interleukin-6).

• Magnesium blocks N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors to inhibit calcium ions entering cells, thereby inhibiting pain.

• Magnesium is effective in preventing and improving pain such as abdominal pain and muscle pain, as well as relieving pain after herpes, diabetic neuropathy, and peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy.

• Magnesium helps relieve dysmenorrhea, headaches, and acute migraine attacks.

• MetaMag® (Magnesium Bisglycinate Celate) used in this product combines two glycine molecules with magnesium to form low-molecular-weight mineral chelates that can pass through cell membranes. Clinically, it has fewer gastrointestinal disorders and higher bioavailability.


Adults take one capsule twice a day. 

If you have weak gastrointestinal function, take it with your meal.

Do not take this if you are a pregnant, lactating or breastfeeding woman.

• Store in a cool, dry place out of children's reach.

• This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease