3 Reasons Why You Feel TIRED After Eating

3 Reasons Why You Feel TIRED After Eating

Food coma.


We all have experienced it, whether it be after a fatty Philly cheesesteak sub for lunch or after an epic Thanksgiving feast.

It just feels too good plopping down on a plush sofa and stay there like a bear hibernating (except you're probably watching something on a TV screen)

... and soon your eyes lose focus on what you're seeing

... and you feel the eyelids shutting off,

... and having no energy to fight it off.


You have effortlessly drifted into sleep.


This pretty much sums up 95% of the food coma experience that I've had.

(Comment below if you can relate also!)

So, why exactly does our body experience this after a large meal?

1. Decrease blood circulation to the brain

Blood flow to the brain is relatively reduced as blood is concentrated in the stomach to digest food. As a result, sleepiness, sluggishness, and poor concentration may occur.

2. Increased Parasympathetic activity

The sympathetic nerves provide the “fight or flight” response, while the parasympathetic nerves are for “rest and digest."

When you eat, the parasympathetic nerves that promote the digestive process are activated. So your body is naturally inclined to relax while breaking down the food.

3. Hormonal changes

Hormones and neurotransmitters are released to digest food, and certain hormones cause sleepiness.

Orexin hormones, for example, are responsible for hunger. When we eat, orexin is suppressed and causes sleepiness. The sleep hormone melatonin also increases after meals.

Food coma is more common when the gastrointestinal function is weak and blood circulation is poor.

If it is severe, you may be insulin resistant or suspected of diabetes.

This happens when glucose in the blood does not reach the cell. The organ then exhibits a low energy level, which can result in sleepiness and languor.


Now you might ask, 'Besides eating less and more healthy meals, what else can I add to stay focused and energized after eating?'


Here is a list of nutraceuticals that are beneficial for your optimal digestion and energy level following a meal:

1. Complete GI Forte: Restores damaged digestive organs and normalizes inflammatory response to protect healthy gastrointestinal tract.

2. Digestive Enzymes: Helps absorb the nutrients from food more efficiently

3. Probiotics: Daily essential for gut health & immune response

4. CarboSlender: Formula designed to limit body's calorie uptake from carbs and starches

5. Healthy Gluco Formula: Improves insulin resistance, manages blood sugar levels, and prevents diabetic complications


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