Gut Health Supplement Recommendations to Improve Digestion + Get in Shape

Gut Health Supplement Recommendations to Improve Digestion + Get in Shape



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1) Prebiotics+Probiotics blend

Healthy gut is essential for keeping your weight off because the beneficial gut bacteria produce hormones that regulate appetite, fat cell regulation, and many more.

Prebiotics are the food for probiotics, so having both ensures the maximum effect of probiotics :-)

You can choose the one that requires refrigeration or one that doesn't.

There are also Women’s formula and Kid’s formula!

2) Digestive Enzymes

They help break down foods more efficiently. The more “broken down” the food is, the easier it will move through the intestines and more nutrients your gut can absorb!

3) Gut Health herbal formula + amino acids

This herbal formula helps to protect your gut lining, prevent leaky gut, and manage inflammations


4) Vitamin D

Researches have shown that vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and that serum levels of vitamin D in patients suffering from the condition are significantly lower than those of normal people.

With IBS sufferers commonly affected by mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, and vitamin D deficiency additionally being associated with these problems as well, the supplementation of this vitamin is essential for overall well-being.

You can choose the organic, whole food based chewables, or liquid drops.



1) Herbal whole-body cleanse capsules AM/PM [30 day supply]

Herbal detox formula without laxatives. Pairing this with magnesium is excellent for constipation

2) Magnesium (Whole food powder or capsules or tablets with Calcium & Vitamin D)

Effective for constipation, as well as for muscle health, mood, and sleep

3) Ultra Greens powder: This is a superfood blend of grains, herbs, sea vegetables, and fruits that are packed with nutrients and help with detox, especially if you've had a few cheat meals or indulged in foods that you shouldn't have.



1) MetaBurnism: Made of botanical ingredients and minerals that work in synergy by accelerating fat burn and regulating blood sugar levels (provided that you stick to a healthy eating and are fairly active).
2) Carboslender: Formula extracted from white kidney beans. If you anticipate eating carb-rich foods like pastries, pasta, noodles, this product can safely limit the calorie uptake of carbohydrates.

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